Book Ghostwriting

Premium Book Ghostwriting Services

Our ghostwriting services have been developed to help your content come alive and make your publishing dreams reality! From our first planning conversation to you signing the first edition, we are your personally committed ghost writer, your dedicated editor, your marketing team and your publishing industry authority. This is our passion and our expertise. Our extraordinary client list testifies to the dedication and expertise we provide our authors.

Our Ghostwriting Services deliver:

• Interviews with you to get to know you and understand your book ideas  

• Planning 

• Outlining

• Research for your book

• Revision from your guidance and feedback

• Thorough Editing for an error free book

• Formatting 

• Literary Agent consulting and search

• Publishing Consultation for self-publishing and traditional publishing

• Book Cover Design

• Self-Publication Services

• On-Call Consultation from start to finish

Allow us to come alongside you, putting your words into print, guiding you through the writing, editing, marketing and publishing process to your dream come true – you, a published author.

Why Choose CI Writing Services to Ghostwrite Your Book?

Choose us because you deserve the best ghostwriting in the industry. CI Writing Services gives you the opportunity to work with our team of bestselling authors and editors who promise to guide you through the process seamlessly ensuring a well-written, thoroughly edited, published book.