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I know you do books and publishing, but what about blogs or even newsletters? 

Yes, our professional writers are exceptional blog writers. And they even do newsletters, too. Well-written, engaging, entertaining blogs help you promote your brand, increase your Google ranking, and connect with your audience. CI Writing Services’ experienced bloggers and writers tailor your blog to your brand, adopting your tone and voice to deliver winning blogs so you can focus on more important task of running your business successfully.   


What if I need a press release, can your writers do that?

Absolutely! CI Writing Services is here to help get the word out to your colleagues and customers through compelling press releases. Our expert team understands captivating press releases are vital to the success of your brand. We craft press releases to promote you and your brand in a powerful and persuasive manner to intrigue industry leaders and capture your target audience members. We are here to help you develop potent press releases for each milestone and every event surrounding your brand, your story, and your products and services. 


Can you help with marketing pieces like social media blasts, advertising, press releases, or blogs?

Social media is important to increase your brand recognition and let your voice be heard among new and existing audience members. With social media, you gain trust, authority, and credibility, as you increase traffic to your website and your brand. At CI Writing Services, we can help you gain the exposure you desire with social media blasts, advertising, marketing, press releases, and more, keeping the market saturated with your media presence. We’ll even help you navigate the nuances of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest to craft your powerful, effective social media presence.

Do you also do web content?

We do! Web content is vital in reaching your audience and growing your business and our professional writers can help you accomplish that goal. The content we deliver is premium quality and SEO optimized to ensure your business generates the leads you need to grow successfully! The CI Writing Services team takes the time to know your brand, your products, and your services in order to develop content which reaches your audience effectively. All website content is crafted to tell your story and engage your audience resulting in greater site traffic and more conversions. 

The CI Writing Services team adopts your tone and voice – light-hearted, informative, casual, friendly, professional, scholarly, persuasive, market-driven, or formal – to ensure audience engagement. Whatever your field – business, government, education, medical, retail, scientific, religious, IT, wholesale, food, and more – our writers have the expertise, education, and industry knowledge to deliver high quality content for your website. At CI Writing Services, you can expect original content, free from errors, and formatted to your specifications designed to help you develop an active, engaging online presence.

I think my Book is Well-Written, But I’d like to Have Some Feedback. Do you do that?

We offer multiple editing options as well as consultation services to help you make your writing the best it can be. You choose the level of services you’d like – from structure to concept. Our industry professionals can also provide critical review, copyediting, and other options specific to your book.

I’ve Never Written Anything, but I have a Great Idea, Can You Help Me?

Of course we can. We can take your idea and help you bring it to life – in a book or screenplay or both! Our team of professional published authors and screenwriters has the drive, passion, creativity and skill to deliver a work that you will be proud of. We offer the support you want from ghostwriting to editing, consultation, publication and marketing. Don’t hesitate, call today and let’s get started on your amazing idea!

What Should I look for in a Writing/Editing Firm?

A simple internet search turns up a multitude of writing and editing service firms, so how do you find a reputable, honest and trustworthy service? Consider these questions when making your selection:

• Does the price quoted sound legitimate? Price is often an indicator of quality. A super low price may seem like a bargain, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” still applies. The development of a high-quality best seller requires expertise and untold hours of work. Does the price quoted reflect that fact?

• At the end of the process, do you own the rights to your book? The bottom line is it’s your book and you should own the rights to it.

• Who is controlling the process? The ghostwriter is a collaborator. All the final decisions regarding the book should be yours.

• Is there a payment arrangement? Be wary of any ghostwriting services that request 100 percent payment upfront. You should be offered a payment installment agreement which allows you to pay when milestones are reached and you are completely satisfied.

• Is confidentiality part of the agreement? It’s your book and the ghostwriter’s name only appears on your book if you want it to.

Whatever firm you choose, make certain you select a company you can trust!

What if I don’t need the Comprehensive Package?

Here at CI Writing Services, you may choose exactly the services you need, from a single service to the Comprehensive package, we always tailor our services to your needs!

How Much Does All This Cost?

Since our services are tailored to your needs and your project is unique, our pricing varies according to your distinct project and your choice of needed services. The costs involved are negotiable – always based on your book and the services required – meaning the costs will vary based on your goals and the services you select.

How much Ghostwriter or Editor Interaction is Needed from me?

You may choose to interact a great deal or very little, it is entirely up to you. Generally, our clients choose regular communication via phone, Skype, email or messaging. We customize the process to support you and meet your needs!


What if I Don’t Know What Services I Need?

It all depends on you and where you are in your development and writing. If your manuscript is well-developed and complete, you may just require final editing or proofreading.

If you are in the early stages, you may want to request developmental editing, critical review or consultation to help you enhance your manuscript. 

Developmental editing provides in-depth support as you develop your story. If you feel your concept is solid, but you need comprehensive services, you may want to choose ghostwriting or rewriting to develop your story’s full potential.


Will I Work with the same Consultant throughout the Process? What if I have Multiple Projects?

Yes! We believe that continuity builds positive relationships and promotes consistently written works. If you have multiple projects, you may use the same consultant on each one. Should you desire a different consultant for each project, we’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

I’ve Never Written Anything, but I have a Great Idea, Can You Help Me?

Of course we can. We can take your idea and help you bring it to life – in a book or screenplay or both! Our team of professional published authors and screenwriters has the drive, passion, creativity and skill to deliver a work that you will be proud of. We offer the support you want from ghostwriting to editing, consultation, publication and marketing. Don’t hesitate, call today and let’s get started on your amazing idea!

My Book is Under Way, but it Needs Additional Research Done. Can you do that?

Our ghostwriting services can be customized to include research from basic information to scholarly research; we have writers who excel at effective research and its integration into your book.

If I Select the Ghostwriting Package, How Long Will It Take to Completion?

The length of the process is partially dependent on your schedule, how involved you are and how quickly you review the ghostwritten material. Most clients select a weekly schedule for review, revisions and approval, but each client and book is unique. On average a 200 page manuscript will require three to six months, but these services can be accelerated or slowed to suit your schedule.

Are Your Services 100 percent Confidential?

Absolutely! Each service we provide is 100 percent confidential. We promise never to use the information you provide for any other reason. We will never re-use writing developed for your book. Our comprehensive privacy policy and our non-disclosure agreement are available at your request.

The Book is Complete, How Will You Help Me Get it Published?

We provide comprehensive consultation services to support both classic publishing and self-publishing. If you choose traditional publishing, we will help you develop a unique, tailored query letter or book proposal to be used in the promotion of your book among agents and publishers. We can also provide a list of agents for your book’s genre and help you submit the required components for their review of your book. If you choose self-publishing, we will assist you throughout the process from choosing the ideal publisher to formatting to book cover development to submission.

Are you Guaranteeing My Book Will Be Published?

If your goal is to have your book self-published and available to your readers via Amazon, Kindle or other eBook Platforms, we guarantee your book will be published! 

If, on the other hand, you want to follow the traditional publishing path, we cannot guarantee a contract for publication or the securing of a literary agent, though we will promise to support you in your efforts!

Will I Have to Credit my Ghostwriter?

No. It is called ghostwriting for that very reason. Our services are 100 percent confidential. The only way anyone will know you had assistance is if you tell them. Your book belongs to you; we do not retain any rights of ownership. 

The credit for the book belongs solely to you!

Additional Information

What does Consultation Include?

CI Writing Services Consultants are ready to discuss all facets of your writing project including:

Planning, Concept Development, Preparation, Organization, Tone, Writing, Style, Editing, Formatting, Marketing, Publishing and more!

Keep in mind, as in all of our processes, Consultation is tailored to your wants and needs!

What are the Differences between Proofreading and Developmental Editing?

Here is a brief explanation, but please feel free to explore our pages for all the details. Essentially our editing services seek to correct all issues from minor grammatical errors to major substantive issues.

  • Copy Editing or Line Editing corrects spelling, punctuation, grammar, jargon and terminology

• Proofreading corrects spelling and grammatical errors

• Substantive Editing includes rewriting or paraphrasing

• Developmental Editing includes developing the content and enhancing the substance

• Ghostwriting is creating or adding original content where needed

• Formatting

• Comprehensive Review and Consultation offers professional recommendations for revisions and improvements

• Marketing 

• Publishing Assistance

Will I Make the Revisions or Will my Editor?

Again the choice is yours, but most clients prefer we make the edits, tracking them so that you can easily see all changes and approve or disapprove them.

My Book will Need a Cover. Do You Help with That?

Of course we do! Our professional designers will work with your to develop the perfect cover for your book. You can provide the artwork or our design partners will create a unique original design just for you!

Will you help get the word out about my new book?

Absolutely! We offer a complete array of marketing services to capture the attention of your audience and increase the sales of your book including:

Promotional Websites, Press Release, Social Media Set-Up and Maintenance, Blogs, Promotional Articles and Book Signing Kits.